# Right to confirmation and access

# Bare Act

# Section 17(1)

The data principal shall have the right to obtain from the data fiduciary—

(a) confirmation whether the data fiduciary is processing or has processed personal data of the data principal;

(b) the personal data of the data principal being processed or that has been processed by the data fiduciary, or any summary thereof;

(c) a brief summary of processing activities undertaken by the data fiduciary with respect to the personal data of the data principal, including any information provided in the notice under section 7in relation to such processing.

# Section 17(2)

The data fiduciary shall provide the information under sub-section (1) to the data principal in a clear and concise manner that is easily comprehensible to a reasonable person. (3) The data principal shall have the right to access in one place the identities of the data fiduciaries with whom his personal data has been shared by any data fiduciary together with the categories of personal data shared with them, in such manner as may be specified by regulations.

# Explanation

# Exemption

  1. Section 7(1) clause c is not applicable to "small entity" (Ref:Section 39(1))
Last Updated: 12 Dec 2019