# General conditions for the exercise of rights in this Chapter

# Bare Act

# Section 21(1)

The data principal, for exercising any right under this Chapter, except the right under section 20, shall make a request in writing to the data fiduciary either directly or through a consent manager with the necessary information as regard to his identity, and the data fiduciary shall acknowledge the receipt of such request within such period as may be specified by regulations.

# Section 21(2)

For complying with the request made under sub-section (1), the data fiduciary may charge such fee as may be specified by regulations: Provided that no fee shall be required for any request in respect of rights referred to in clause (a) or (b) of sub-section (1) of section 17 or section 18.

# Section 21(3)

The data fiduciary shall comply with the request under this Chapter and communicate the same to the data principal, within such period as may be specified by regulations.

# Section 21(4)

Where any request made under this Chapter is refused by the data fiduciary, it shall provide the data principal the reasons in writing for such refusal and shall inform the dataprincipal regarding the right to file a complaint with the Authority against the refusal, within such period and in such manner as may be specified by regulations.

# Section 21(5)

The data fiduciary is not obliged to comply with any request under this Chapter where such compliance shall harm the rights of any other data principal under this Act.

# Explanation

# Exemption

  1. Section 21 is not applicable to "small entity" (Ref:Section 39(1))
Last Updated: 12 Dec 2019