# Exemption of certain provisions for certain processing of personal data

# Bare Act

# Section 36

The provisions of Chapter II except section 4, Chapters III to V, Chapter VI except section 24, and Chapter VII shall not apply where

(a) personal data is processed in the interests of prevention, detection, investigation and prosecution of any offence or any other contravention of any law for the time being in force;

(b) disclosure of personal data is necessary for enforcing any legal right or claim, seeking any relief, defending any charge, opposing any claim, or obtaining any legal advice from an advocate in any impending legal proceeding;

(c) processing of personal data by any court or tribunal in India is necessary for the exercise of any judicial function;

(d) personal data is processed by a natural person for any personal or domestic purpose, except where such processing involves disclosure to the public, or is undertaken in connection with any professional or commercial activity; or

(e) processing of personal data is necessary for or relevant to a journalistic purpose, by any person and is in compliance with any code of ethics issued by the Press Council of India, or by any media self-regulatory organisation.

Last Updated: 12 Dec 2019