# Power of Authority to call for information

# Bare Act

# Section 52(1)

Without prejudice to the other provisions of this Act, the Authority may require a data fiduciary or data processor to provide such information as may be reasonably required by it for discharging its functions under this Act.

# Section 52(2)

If the Authority requires a data fiduciary or a data processor to provide any information under sub-section (1), it shall provide a notice in writing to the data fiduciary or the data processor stating the reasons for such requisition.

# Section 52(3)

The Authority shall, by regulations, specify the manner in which the data fiduciary or data processor shall provide the information sought in sub-section (1), including the designation of the officer or employee of the Authority who may seek such information, the period within which such information is to be furnished and the form in which such information may be provided.

Last Updated: 13 Dec 2019