# Appointment of Adjudicating Officer

# Bare Act

# Section 62(1)

For the purpose of adjudging the penalties under sections 57 to 61or awarding compensation under section 64, the Authority shall appoint such Adjudicating Officer as may be prescribed.

# Section 62(2)

The Central Government shall, having regard to the need to ensure the operational segregation, independence, and neutrality of the adjudication under this Act, prescribe—

  • (a) number of Adjudicating Officers to be appointed under sub-section (1);
  • (b) manner and terms of appointment of Adjudicating Officers ensuring independence of such officers;
  • (c) jurisdiction of Adjudicating Officers;
  • (d) other such requirements as the Central Government may deem fit.

# Section 62(3)

The Adjudicating Officers shall be persons of ability, integrity and standing, and must have specialised knowledge of, and not less than seven years professional experience in the fields of law, cyber and internet laws, information technology law and policy, data protection and related subjects.

Last Updated: 13 Dec 2019