12 Grounds for processing of personal data without consent in certain cases

Bare Act

Section 12

Notwithstanding anything contained in section 12, the personal data may be processed if such processing is necessary,—

(a) for the performance of any function of the State authorised by law for— (i) the provision of any service or benefit to the data principal from the State; or (ii) the issuance of any certification, licence or permit for any action or activity of the data principal by the State;

(b) under any law for the time being in force made by the Parliament or any State Legislature; or

(c) for compliance with any order or judgment of any Court or Tribunal in India;

(d) to respond to any medical emergency involving a threat to the life or a severe threat to the health of the data principal or any other individual;

(e) to undertake any measure to provide medical treatment or health services to any individual during an epidemic, outbreak of disease or any other threat to public health; or

(f) to undertake any measure to ensure safety of, or provide assistance or services to, any individual during any disaster or any breakdown of public order.

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