25 Reporting of personal data breach

Bare Act

Section 25(1)

Every data fiduciary shall by notice inform the Authority about the breach of any personal data processed by the data fiduciary where such breach is likely to cause harm to any data principal.

Section 25(2)

The notice referred to in sub-section (1) shall include the following particulars, namely

(a) nature of personal data which is the subject-matter of the breach;

(b) number of data principals affected by the breach;

(c) possible consequences of the breach; and

(d) action being taken by the data fiduciary to remedy the breach.

Section 25(3)

The notice referred to in sub-section (1) shall be made by the data fiduciary to the Authority as soon as possible and within such period as may be specified by regulations, following the breach after accounting for any period that may be required to adopt any urgent measures to remedy the breach or mitigate any immediate harm.

Section 25(4)

Where it is not possible to provide all the information specified in sub-section (2) at the same time, the data fiduciary shall provide such information to the Authority in phases without undue delay.

Section 25(5)

Upon receipt of a notice, the Authority shall determine whether such breach should be reported by the data fiduciary to the data principal, taking into account the severity of the harm that may be caused to such data principal or whether some action is required on the part of the data principal to mitigate such harm.

Section 25(6)

The Authority may, in addition to requiring the data fiduciary to report the personal data breach to the data principal under sub-section (5), direct the data fiduciary to take appropriate remedial action as soon as possible and to conspicuously post the details of the personal data breach on its website.

Section 25(7)

The Authority may, in addition, also post the details of the personal data breach on its website.



  1. Section 25 is not applicable to "small entity" (Ref:Section 39(1))

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