68 Qualifications, appointment, term, conditions of service of Members

Bare Act

Section 68(1)

A person shall not be qualified for appointment as the Chairperson or a member of the Appellate Tribunal unless he—

  • (a) in the case of Chairperson, is, or has been a Judge of the Supreme Court or Chief Justice of a High Court;
  • (b) in the case of a member, has held the post of Secretary to the Government of India or any equivalent post in the Central Government for a period of not less than two years or a person who is well versed in the field of data protection, information technology, data management, data science, data security, cyber and internet laws or any related subject.

Section 68(2)

The Central Government may prescribe the manner of appointment, term of office, salaries and allowances, resignation, removal and the other terms and conditions of service of the Chairperson and any member of the Appellate Tribunal.

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