Review and Appeal

Bare Law

Section 22(1)

(1) The Board may review its order, acting through a group for hearing larger than the group which held proceedings in a matter under section 21, on a representation made to it, or on its own, and for reasons to be recorded in writing, modify, suspend, withdraw or cancel any order issued under the provisions of this Act and in doing so, may impose such conditions as it may deem fit, subject to which the modification, suspension, withdrawal or cancellation shall have effect.

Section 22(2)

(2) An appeal against any order of the Board shall lie to the High Court. Every appeal made under this section shall be preferred within a period of sixty days from the date of the order appealed against.

Section 22(3)

(3) No civil court shall have the jurisdiction to entertain any suit or take any action in respect of any matter under the provisions of this Act and no injunction shall be granted by any court or other authority in respect of any action taken under the provisions of this Act.


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